8 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10
8:30AM - 6:30PM Weekdays | Open Saturdays.

We make cheque cashing, bill payment and remittances
a very simple process!


We aim to provide the most convenient cheque cashing service. Our well trained staff creates a customer friendly environment that makes conducting your financial transactions a satisfying experience.

Our customers get instant cash for their cheques when they do business with us. There is no hold on their money and no exorbitant service charges. Our cashing service is convenient and available to anyone with an identification card. No bank account? No problem.


Sending or receiving money from family and friends? Paynow enables the seamless transfer of money both domestically and internationally through MoneyGram. As a trusted money transfer agent, we guarantee that your money is sent securely and is received in the right hands.

When sending money with us, ensure that you have with you the name, address and telephone number of the person you are sending the money to. When collecting a money transfer, ensure that you have the sender’s details ready, including the transfer confirmation number.



We are a licensed cambio service provider, dedicated to putting more money into our customers’ hands the fastest. Our convenient cambio offers foreign exchange on most major currencies. They include the US dollar, Canadian dollar, Euro and the British Pound.

Coming back from a long vacation and need foreign currency changed to Jamaican dollars? Perhaps you are getting ready to take that much needed vacation and need US dollars to take with you? Paynow takes the hassle out of getting this done. Visit one of our branches and let our gracious staff assist you.



The days of having to make multiple stops to pay all your bills are long gone. Take care of all your utility and telecommunication bill payments at our centrally located facilities. We receive payments on behalf of major service providers like Flow and Digicel. Our efficient bill payment service ensures that all payments made on your behalf is done on time and securely.